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Care for Moms

Simply put, nothing is more important to the health of the entire family than the journey of pregnancy preparation,  pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the postpartum period.

Sadly in today’s traditional healthcare system, being pregnant has become a diagnosable condition seemingly meant to be managed instead of supported, empowered, and cared for!

This “medicalization” of the prenatal journey has led to far too many women experiencing not just physical pain and tension, but massive amounts of tension, anxiety, exhaustion, and other health challenges throughout pregnancy.

At Novo Chiropractic we focus on two pivotal areas of full on health promotion for our pregnant and postpartum mamas:

  • Adjustments
  • Empowerment
Getting chiropractic adjustments during the prenatal and postpartum phase of life may be some of the most incredible experiences of a woman’s life! Not only does it reduce tension, boost energy, support proper baby positioning, and help prepare for childbirth… but being surrounded by our team  and care advocates will mean you leave each and every visit more empowered, more confident, and more prepared for you and your child to be healthy, strong, and resilient!

Pregnant woman getting chiropractic adjustmentFor expecting moms, Novo Chiropractic is far more than a place to just pop in and get adjusted – it’s a village and community. You’ll find yourself hanging out at Novo before and after your adjustments talking with our powerhouse CA team of rockstar moms, attending classes, and getting connected to other incredible birth professionals such as midwives, doulas, and doctors who also provide care in a more natural, empowering way.

And finally, our care certainly does not stop the day your beautiful baby arrives. We come right alongside you in that next critical period of your family’s life, providing incredible care and support for both mom and baby.

Our doctor is not simply the most highly trained (Webster’s Technique and many others), but also the most experienced. Making Novo part of your prenatal and postpartum journey will be a decision you’ll be darn glad you made!

Ready to Get Started…

From pre-conception through postpartum, and beyond! We love helping moms achieve their happiest and healthiest pregnancy! Wherever you may be in the motherhood transition, we’re here for you.

Contact Novo Chiropractic to set up a free consultation today!

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