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New Patients

Preparing For Your Visit

You can prepare for your first visit by filling out the paperwork we have available via email, but if you are unable, don’t worry, we also have it available in the office! Wear comfortable clothing and prepare to spend about 45 minutes at your first visit.

Our office is specifically designed for the whole family, so bring the kids! We have provided toys and a nursing/changing area to help make our office as comfortable as possible, and we warmly welcome everyone who walks in the door.

Our new patient process involves a health history, neurological scanning, and physical exam spread out over two preliminary visits.  This process allows Dr. Lauren to take the time to personally review your scans and design a highly individualized care plan between your two appointments. Our process is extremely thorough, and every single step is designed to garner comfort and results!

The first visit at Novo Chiropractic starts with a big smile and a happy greeting, because we are truly happy that you have joined us!

After your paperwork is complete, you will sit down with Dr. Lauren to discuss your questions and concerns, followed by a thorough overview of your health history, current status, and long term goals for care. We then provide our CLA Insight nerve scan, which is a non invasive, gentle rolling scanner of thermography up the spine, electromyography, and HRV. These  processes are pain free and help us to track the patterns and functions of your specific nervous system.  All of our scanning techniques are easy and gentle enough for the wiggliest and most sensitive kids!

Once our scanning process is complete, the doctor will provide a hands on evaluation that will help her determine your best personalized care plan. Lastly, we schedule your follow up appointment, and you set off to enjoy the rest of your day!

Welcome back! Prepare to spend about 45 minutes at your second visit, as at this appointment, the doctor will really delve into the personalized care plan that she has designed for you. If you choose to receive the care agreed upon, adjustments can begin right away, and you can start the journey to achieving your goals!

Regular visits in our office are designed to fit neatly into your busy schedule! We provide regular adjustment appointments in convenient 10-15 minute increments, because we know how busy family life can be.

Our financial plans are honest and transparent, and always provided upfront. Your personalized care plan will include a specific set of recommended visits and the total price therein, and you will be able to peruse and agree to all of your financial options before committing to care.

Novo Chiropractic does not take insurance in order to personalize care without the limitations of insurance restrictions. However, you can use out of network benefits for reimbursement from your insurance company, and we also accept health savings accounts or HSAs. Reasonable payment plans are available through our office and we are always happy to discuss your plan with you!

Dr. Lauren is happy to offer free consultations to new patients and looks forward to meeting you soon!

Learn More About Our New Patient Process

Dr. Lauren is happy to answer all of your questions and concerns! Contact us at (952) 452-9712 to set up your free consultation at Novo Chiropractic. There is no issue too small and no goal too big. Start your journey to your healthiest, happiest life today!

New Patients | (952) 452-9712