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Novo Chiropractic Praise

What Our Hopkins Practice Members Say

At Novo Chiropractic we love when practice members share their feedback and comments during care! Check out the testimonials below to see what others in our community have achieved through personalized care in our space.

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Sweet and Professional Doctor!

“Let me tell you!!I had always been extremely nervous about the chiropractor. I do not like cracking sounds and seeing videos made it even worse. I got into a car accident and my mother mentioned Dr. Ashley and told me how good she was. I went into my appointment and she was so nice. Dr. Ashley walked me through the knowledge of my body and the healing process and why getting my body adjusted was important. She always keeps positive conversations going and she listens to everything that say. She’s such a sweet and professional doctor. The time that it would typically take for someone’s body to heal my body healed quicker. I don’t have any pain in my body from my car accident. Although I no longer need adjustings because of my car accident I still wanted to go because I know I was in good hands.”

-Victoria P.

My Back Whisperer!

“I like to call Dr Ashley my back whisperer. Almost 10 years ago I was pregnant with my 5th and last child. One day as I was cleaning up after my other kids I twisted and heard a pop and then the pain came. My amazing midwife Tiffany Jackson had recommended seeing Dr Ashley since there was a possibility of a herniated disc. Thankfully there wasn’t however my hips were constantly moving and Dr Ashley was able to help adjust my back to help eliviate the pain. And the rest is history. We have become family. my family and I rely on her expertises and power of healing to help keep us well. When we go on a regular basis we are able to fight what ever illness that is spreading through school and work. With so many kids that are being active Dr.Ashley has helped us all stay aligned. Dr. Ashley is our doctor for everything. She is there when ever I have a question about my family’s health. I trust her to have our back.”

-Amanda C.


Everything about my experience with Dr. Ashley and Hello Chiropractic has been wonderful. I brought my 2.5 month old to see her after she had a tongue tie revision. We were also dealing with torticolis and feeding/digestive issues. From the very first conversation we had, Dr. Ashley put me at ease. She was so thorough and attentive and always willing to explain things in a way that I could understand. After just a couple months of treatments, I can already see a huge difference in my daughter. Her tightness is nearly gone, and her range of motion has improved incredibly. As a mom, you want to do anything you can to help your child when you feel like they are struggling, and I’m really glad Dr. Ashley was part of our journey. I truly believe she made a difference!

-Tara K.

Miracle Worker!

When I first met Dr Ashley I had no idea how amazing of a person she truly was!! Not only did she make me feel comfortable, she intently listened to all my concerns and asked a lot of questions! You could tell her goal was to fix the problem at its source! She has been far more knowledgeable than any previous physician! She helped boost my immune system, fixed pain issues, and anyone I had a concern she made it her priority! She adjusted me as I was pregnant, my fussy newborn and made her better, my children and husband! Everyone loves her!!!!! I’m always blown away at her ability to help and make things better!! I have referred everyone I know to her because she truly is a miracle worker!!!!!! I could go on and on but I know not everyone likes to read long winded reviews!!! She’s amazing in every way!!!!!!! Don’t use anyone else!!

-Jaimie O.

Completely Changed My Life

I can not believe I haven’t written a review yet, Dr Ashley has COMPLETELY changed my life and my sons life for the better. My son Dominic is in Love with her. he is 2 years old now and we have been seeing Ashley since he was just over 3 months old. she is hands down the only reason why my baby is happy now and sleeping through the night. If it weren’t for her I don’t know where I would be. she knows exactly what shes doing and how to help my lil guy. When she moved I cried! I wasn’t so sad I don’t know how j will find someone who will do for me what she ha she done for me and my son. She is truly sent from heaven!

-Jaimie O.

Amazing Doctor

I really don’t know how to write my story about Ashley because it’s so hard for me to put into words how she has changed my life for the better. When I came to Ashley I felt like I was deteriorating from the inside out. I new something was wrong but all the conventional doctors kept telling me everything was fine and would never listen. By the time I went to Dr. Ashley I could barely walk most days and could barely keep food in me. Well my dearest Ashley did listen. She helped me in more ways than one. It was no easy feet either and she never gave up on me and always went the extra mile for me. So forward a little bit, I’m doing much better, and my oldest son starts have severe migraines and eye problems. Dumb me didn’t think of bringing it up at first to Ashley and I went to 2 doctors to try and get answers (he was having lots of vision issues with them) and once again no help, so in frustration one day I told Ashley what was happening and presto she new exactly what was going on. I brought my son in and it was a game changer. So from then on out I started all four of my kiddos seeing her and we have never regretted it. She is simply the best, amazing doctor you could ever have!!!

-Kelli T.

Helped My Shoulder Pain

My son and I use to see Dr. Ashley when she had her practice in Arizona. My son who is 16 months, really loved her and made him feel better for gas pains, acid reflux and during his witching hour phase. She even helped my shoulder pain release when male chiropractors couldn’t even do it! And I work for them!

-Michelle B.

Dr Ashley Has Worked Miracles

Dr Ashley has worked miracles on me. I started seeing her just over 2 years ago after I was in a car accident where I sustained head to toe injuries. I received compassionate and knowledgeable care. I am so thankful for the absolute best care I received. I am now able to function and move like i did before the accident. I owe it all to you Dr Ashley!!