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Chiropractic Care

Man getting adjusted by Dr. Lauren

Our Approach

Dr. Lauren utilizes gentle and specific techniques that are very different from the classically understood structural adjustments you may expect from chiropractic care. We use a neurologically based approach that limits cracking and popping and focuses on eliminating underlying nerve interference or subluxations.

Subluxations are simply misfirings of nerves within the nervous system. Dr. Lauren provides adjustments that reset those mis-firing nerves, which in-turn affects the surrounding muscle tone and structure. This allows us to eliminate muscle spasms, structural issues, and painful symptoms. It is a simple and gentle technique that allows your nerves to fire properly and without any interference to the functions of the nervous system.

We primarily use the TRT/Tonal technique, a manual, non-manipulative technique that eliminates twisting and cracking and normalizes the “tone” of the nervous system. This technique involves gentle and specific light-thrust adjustment with the aid of a small handheld instrument.

The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic sacral analysis and diversified adjustment that can be more structural in nature and does require advanced education and certification. The Webster Technique is considered by many to be the key to a safer birth as it reconciles the connection between abnormal fetal positioning and subluxations in sacral and pelvic bones. The Webster technique is a safe, gentle technique that restores sacral movement and alignment, allowing your baby to turn into an optimal position on their own after adjustment.

Dr. Lauren holds a Webster Technique certification and has also taken a number of workshops and classes alongside doulas and midwives in order to further understanding the “Spinning Babies” baby repositioning technique. This is a combination of positions and exercises that, paired with the Webster Technique, can further aid proper fetal positioning.

Dr. Lauren also utilizes the Diversified technique as needed. This technique is a manual, hands on technique that involves applying high velocity, low amplitude thrusts.

The technique that Dr. Lauren chooses for your care will be thoroughly discussed with you prior to adjustment, and will be chosen based on your specific history, preference, and current ailments. All of our adjustments are provided on a case by case basis and are highly personalized to your unique body.

Patients We Help

Pediatric Patients

Dr. Lauren provides highly specialized, gentle pediatric care for your beautiful children! Chiropractic care could help your child with ear infections, general health, bedwetting, colic, latching issues, and more!

We recommend chiropractic care for newborns because birth can actually be a traumatic event for both mom and baby. Newborns can’t communicate the way that adults do, so our gentle nerve scans help provide us with the information we wouldn’t be able to receive from your baby otherwise. Issues like colic are simply expressions of underlying nerve tension and subluxations, and our office is dedicated to addressing those issues directly so symptoms like colic can resolve and your infant can achieve overall better comfort.

Chiropractic care is recommended for even the healthiest of kids, because at Novo Chiropractic, we believe that chiro kids have a strong wellness roots system that allows them to grow healthy! Root your kids in health with a visit to Dr. Lauren today.

Pregnant Patients

We love helping our prenatal patients achieve their happiest and healthiest pregnancy! Pregnancy is an exciting time that can be filled with scary new sensations. Chiropractic adjustments can help aid with pregnancy related lower back pain, generalized pain, fetal positioning, ease of labor, migraines and headaches, and postnatal recovery!

The Webster technique can help with optimal fetal positioning and maternal comfort. Feel free to contact our office at (952) 452-9712 for more information on our safe and gentle prenatal techniques. Dr. Lauren believes that regular prenatal chiropractic adjustments could help you reduce labor time and achieve a safer pregnancy for you and your little one!

Health and Wellness Oriented Patients

Dr. Lauren loves to help patients who simply desire to achieve healthier and more wellness oriented lifestyles! Her personal history of sports and sports medicine allows her to lend a compassionate ear to those suffering from athletic injuries or performance issues. Dr. Lauren is the right partner to work with you in resolving your issues and becoming your best self!

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Lauren is passionate about chiropractic care and educating the Hopkins community on its capacity for better physical and mental wellbeing. Chiropractic care does not heal, it simply provides your incredible body with the tools it needs to actually heal itself. The body is designed to heal itself when it is functioning optimally and we believe that with our help and your dedication, you can achieve that optimal state!

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Chiro kids are rooted in wellness, educated in self care, and ultimately grow up healthier and happier! Grow the branches of your family tree in a health conscious way. Renew, Revive, and Refresh the quality of life of your precious family! The new life of your baby can also initiate a new, healthier life for you.

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